Disclosure Policy

I (as you know) run a blog about how to coupon and how to save money.  I do everything that I can to keep you guys up to date on the BEST and most WONDERFUL deals all the time.  I recently learned that by becoming an affiliate, I can earn a very small percentage on some of the things that you click on and purchase through my site.  This was wonderful news for me as blogging takes up most of my time and has become a part time (if not almost full time) job for me, without part time or full time job pay. 
The money that I make from affiliate marketing helps me pay for the things that I need to keep my blog going (i.e. my website upkeep, the time it takes me to find these deals, etc.) and in the long run I think that it will be what really makes the blog possible.
BUT!  I want you all to know that :
#1.  I would NEVER take advantage of you or your trust in my site.  I will never post a deal from any site that I would not or have not bought myself.  If it's not a good deal or a good product, I can guarantee you that it will not be on my site.
#2.  You have nothing to worry about in terms of privacy, I have no access to any of your personal information, and even if I did I would never use it for my own personal gain.  

Basically these affiliate programs are helping me help you, and vise versa.  If you have any questions about this, please feel free to comment or contact me anytime at payjeb@gmail.com.  Thanks for your support, this blog is for you guys, and I couldn't do it without you!