Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vote for my picture on the Sheraton Albuquerque's Southwest photo contest!

Hi guys!  I know I posted this yesterday, and I had great response!  For those of you just joining us, I entered my photo in a Southwest photo contest hosted by the Sheraton Albuquerque on Facebook (thanks again Frugal Burqueno for letting us know about the contest!)  I only need 17 more votes to get to first place (and as many more as I can get to make sure I keep first place)!  Thank you so so so much to everyone who "liked" the picture already, and for those of you who haven't, it's really easy!  All you have to do is go here, and push the like button.  That's it!  I would appreciate it so much!!! If there is ever a contest that you have entered and need votes, please feel free to post it on the Things You Want to Know, Places You Want to Go Facebook and we will help you out!  Have a great day, and thanks for helping me out!


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