Monday, November 7, 2011

New printies, including Hormel!

There are a bunch of new printables that you can grab right now, including:
.55 off wyb 2 Hormel chili cans
3.00 off of one Hormel party tray
.55 off wyb 2 Hormel pepperoni packages
.55 off wyb 2 Hormel chunk chicken
.55 off of one Hormel Bacon bits
1.00 off wyb 2 Smuckers toppings
.35 off of one Haribo product (reset!)
1.50 off of one Johnson's creamy baby oil products
1.00 off of one Smart Balance milk

Use zip code 87108!


  1. Hi! I'm Justin's cousin. Keavy recommended your site and I LOVE getting inspiration/deals from it! But, I can't get the links to work on this post. What am I doing wrong??

  2. Hi!!!! You weren't doing anything wrong, the links were messed up for some reason! They should work now though... sorry about that. Thanks for reading!


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