Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's time to reach into our hearts...and stockpiles

As couponers, we are very fortunate to get a LOT of things for a LITTLE bit of money.  There are sooo many people out there who are not as fortunate as we are.  They don't have closets and pantries bursting with enough food to eat for weeks (or years), they don't even have enough food to feed their families today.  This time of year is a season for giving, and it would be so great if each one of us could take the time to give a little bit of what we have to those who don't.  I am organizing a food drive/stuff drive this holiday season, and I would love for my Albuquerque readers to get involved.  Even if you are new to couponing, or don't have a stockpile, anything you would be willing to give would be appreciated!

The picture above is what I took out of my stockpile to donate,  I am not asking for this much from everyone, but think of how much we can give if everybody donates something!  We will be donating the toiletries, makeup, etc. to SAFE House, a shelter for abused women.  The food will go to the Road Runner food bank.  If you are interested in helping me with this food and stuff drive, please leave a comment here and we will figure out a time and place to meet so I can pick up your stuff!  I would love to get pictures of everyone who donates so that I can put a post together about what a change couponing can make not only in our lives, but in other peoples' too.  Thanks in advance you guys, lets get together to make a difference this holiday!!!


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