Thursday, November 17, 2011

1.50 for this stuff... and an interesting Wal Mart story

So, everyone has their own opinion about shopping at Wal Mart.  We love the overage but hate how none of the cashiers know the policy.  Today was one of those love hate days.  I spent a good long time in the store deciding how I was going to use my 6.00 in overage, and finally made my way to the check out.  All my stuff was scanned through, I handed the cashier my coupons, she scanned through the 1.00 off Taster's Choice and the .75 off wyb 2 Ocelo, but when she came to the 2.00 off Tide and 2.00 off crest she stopped.  

"You can't use these," she said.  "Yes I can," I said, "see how it doesn't say excluding trial size?  That means that I can use it on any size, here, I can show you some other ones that do exclude trial size so you can see what I mean." "No, you can't use it, because the coupon is for 2.00 and the item only costs .97, and you can't do that."  So she gets the cashier supervisor.  He also told me that I could not use the coupon, and treated me like a criminal and an idiot for thinking that I could use a coupon for more than the item amount.  Even after I told him it was in their coupon policy, he told me that I was absolutely wrong.  He also told me that the item I purchased had to "match the picture".  We ALL know that's not true.

I asked the cashier to suspend my transaction so that the people behind me in line could check out, and asked to speak to the manager.  I waited at customer service for him, and when he and his assistant came he simply asked if the coupon had scanned through.  I told him that the cashier hadn't even tried it.  So he scanned it.  Oh, what a surprise, it went right on through.  The assistant finished checking me out, and I thanked him for his time in helping and told him I appreciated him being willing to deal with the problem.  As I was on my way out, the manager stopped me.  

"So where do you get all your coupons from?" He asked me.  As it turns out, he and his wife have been interested in starting couponing!  We spent about 5 minutes talking about coupons, where to get them, how to get started, etc.  When I left HE thanked ME and said to come back soon and give him some more tips.  He was a really nice guy, and I was taken aback by his interest!  I really love when difficult couponing situations are resolved by great customer service.  Just a reminder, if you ever have an experience like that, I suggest taking the time to fill out a comment card, or calling the 1 800 number to give a compliment.  Ok, that turned into a lot longer story than I had intended...Here's my transaction:

Crest with scope travel size
     .97 each (I bought 3)
     2.00 off of one mfr coupon
     1.03 MM each=3.09 MM
Tide single size
     .97 each
     2.00 off of one mfr coupon
     1.03 MM each=3.09 MM
Pepperidge Farms stuffing (I know it's the most expensive stuffing and there's no coupon, but it's my favorite and my splurge.  Plus it was free with overage.)
Nestle Taster's Choice
     1.23 each
     1.00 off of one mfr coupon
     .23 each
Ocelo sponges
     .98 each
     .75 off wyb 2 mfr coupon
     1.21 for 2
Great Value vinegar
     .78 each
Creamland Buttermilk
     2.53 each
TOTAL=1.50 including tax!


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