Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dora Makeup kit only 15.95 shipped from Amazon!

Amazon has the Dora The Explorer Cosmetic Box Set for only 10.00 right now, plus 5.95 shipping.  This is PERRRFECT for any little girl because what girl does not love Dora, and what girl does not love dress-up?!  It comes with little nail polishes, lip balms and glosses, and 2 Dora bags to keep them in.  The retail price for this set is 25.00, but you can get it for only 15.95, INCLUDING shipping! This is going to make some girls very happy!

Albuquerque Southwest photo contest

Hey guys!  So, I entered a contest that Ania from Frugal Burqueno posted that is hosted by the Sheraton Albuquerque on Facebook.  I entered the picture above, and need to get the most likes to win.  If you could take a second to visit my picture here and "like" it, I would appreciate it SOOOOO much!  And, I know I've said this before but it still stands, if there is ever a contest that you have entered please feel free to post it on the Things You Want to Know, Places You Want to Go facebook!  It would be so cool if we could all help each other win everything!

Grocery Store Matchups for this week!

Good stuff this week!  Really good deals on meat, yay!!!  Don't forget to print any coupons you haven't printed yet TODAY!!!

Boneless skinless chicken breast
Gallon albertson’s milk
                2.50 each
General Mills cereal (select varieties)
                1.49 each wyb 8 items
                1.00 off wyb 2mfr coupon
                .85 off of one mfr coupon
                .64-.99 each!
Capri Suns
                1.69 each wyb 8 items
Tide and bounce
                5.99 each wyb 8 items
                2.00 off of one mfr coupon
                3.99 each
Lays, Fritos and Doritos
                1.99 each wyb 8 items
Nature Valley bars
                1.49 each wyb 8 items
                .50 off of one mfr coupon (only applies to sweet and salty nut, not sure if it will work)
                .99 each
Jet Puff marshmallows
                .99 each wyb 8 items
                .40 off of one mfr coupon
                .59 each
Boneless sirloin steak
                Buy 1 get 2 free
                2.66/lb, or 7.99 for 3 lbs
Assorted pork chops
                2.49 each wyb 8 items
                1.00 off cookies and milk mfr coupon
                1.50 each wyb milk also- 4.00 for cookies AND milk
Kraft Handi snacks
                .49 each wyb 8 items
Albertson’s bread
                1.00 each
                1.00 off Albertson’s coupon (expired yesterday so they may not take it)
Pork loin chops
Beef shoulder roast
Beef London broil
Jolly time popcorn
                .99 each
                1.00 off wyb 2 mfr coupon
                .50 each
Thomas English muffins
                3.89 each
                1.94 each
8 oz Daisy sour cream
                1.00 each
Coke 20 pack
                5.50 each wyb 2
                .79 each
Puffs tissues
                1.00 each
                .25 off wyb 3 mfr coupon
                2.75 for 3 (.91 each)
Ramen noodles
                5 for 1.00 (.20 each)
Fresh express spinach
                1.99 each
                1.00 off wyb 2 Albertson’s coupon
                1.49 each
Albertson’s 8 oz whipping cream
                1.29 each
Lucky leaf pie filling
                2.50 each
                1.00 off wyb 2 mfr coupon
                4.00 for 2 (2.00 each)
Atheno’s yogurt
                Buy 3 get one free
                Final price .89 each
El Monterey taquitos
                3.99 each
                .75 off of one mfr coupon
                1.00 off of one mfr coupon
                2.99-3.24 each
Bear Creek soup mix
                3.50 each
                1.00 off of one mfr coupon
                2.50 each
Boneless skinless chicken breasts or thighs
                .50 each
Digiorno ultimate toppings, stuffed crust, or pizza plus
                5.99 each
                2.00 off of one mfr coupon
                3.99 each
Dove deodorant
                1.88 each
                1.00 off of one mfr coupon
                .88 each
Keebler cookies
                2.00 each
                1.00 off wyb 2 mfr coupon
                1.50 each
T bone steak
Hamburger helper
                1.00 each
                .75 off wyb 3 mfr coupon
                .75 each
Barilla pasta 1.00 each
Fritos chips
                1.99 each
Langer’s juice
                1.50 each
                .55 off of one mfr coupon
                .95 each
Pork shoulder roast
Dole salad blends
                2.50 each
                .50 off of one Smith’s coupon
                2.00 each
Navel oranges
Fry pan
                9.99 each
                FREE breakfast wyb pan, including 1 dozen eggs, orange juice concentrate, Hormel lil sizzlers and 1 loaf of bread!

Sunflower Market
Nature sweet baby tomatoes
                2.00 each

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crunchmaster gluten free cracker coupons

Print out 2 different coupons for Crunchmaster gluten free crackers here, they are both the same coupon but one says redeemable at Wal Mart (you should be able to use it anywhere though).  They have been up for a few days now I think, but just in case you haven't gotten them yet, you might want to print them out today or tomorrow!  Use zip 90210 in case you can't find them.
.75 off of one bag of Crunchmaster crackers

Juicy Sale on Hautelook-as low as 19.00!!!!

HauteLook is having a mega Juicy Couture sale, with EVERYTHING half price or less!!! Pants, shirts and hoodies as low as 29.00, and purses and wallets as low as 19.00!  This is perfect for those difficult to buy for teens-you can get them REAL designer goods for less than half of the designer price.  Perfect for this time of year too!

Don't forget to do your end of the month printing!

It is the sad sad end of the month again where most of our coupons expire.  Also, most of the coupons on places like will change as the month changes, so take your last chance to grab those printies!  Get them here!

Monday, November 28, 2011

1.25 off of one Reynold's wrap tinfoil!

Pick up a new high value coupon today for 1.25 off of one Reynold's wrap tinfoil!  It excludes sized below 30 feet, but still should make for a great price on foil!  This is perfect because I literally used ALL of my foil cooking last week!  Use zipcode 60601 to find it.

You can also grab one for .75 off of one Land O Lakes butter!

Some Cyber Monday dealios

Well, I'm not a huge Black Friday/Cyber Monday person, but I thought I would at least be nice and put together some deals for those of you who are!  You can check out the links below to see the Cyber Monday deals for some different stores.  Happy shopping!
The Home Depot (my boyfriend is pretty much obsessed with the Home Depot)
Delia's (Free shipping on EVERYTHING plus huge sale)
Kmart (cashback savings for other stores!)
Office Max
Victoria's Secret (lots of deals including 20% off of one clothing item, and buy one get 1 50% off bras!)
Del Taco
America's Test Kitchen (up to 71% off cookbooks)
World Market (20% off everything plus free shipping)
Overton's (I know it's boating supplies but they actually have a lot of good men's outerwear and gps stuff!)
Ojon (BOGO shampoos and conditioners)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Things You Want to Know, Places You Want to Go featured on BlogHer this week!

Yayyyy I'm so excited about this! This week I am the featured blogger on BlogHer in the money category!  This is a huge honor for me, and I hope that it brings lots of new readers our way!  BlogHer is such an amazing network that provides great tools for bloggers (and resources for non-bloggers to find us!), I am lucky to be a part of it!  Thanks to my readers who have been here all along and helped me keep going.  You can check out my feature on BlogHer here!

Hello coupon matchups! (Walgreens 11/27-12/3)

Food & Drink

Quaker Oatmeal Cereal or Bars 2/$5 with $2 RR