Monday, October 10, 2011

Tivo DVR only 82.59 shipped from Amazon!!!

Holy cow, this is a HUGE deal!  If you don't have time to watch all your shows when they're on, or your kids can NEVER get enough Dora, you can fix it all with a DVR.  You can even get it for your hubby to watch his football games in peace!  TiVo is probably the best known and highest quality DVR on the market, and the retail price of this TiVo DVR is 299.99, but we can get it for only 82.59!!! YOU ARE SAVING 217.40!  I can hardly even believe it!  Deals like this DON'T come around very often for electronics like this, so get it while it's hot, and never be bored by what's on tv again!  Use the link above, or get your TiVo TCD746320 Premiere DVR (Black) here!!! Let me say it one more time, save 217.40!!! SO AWESOME!


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