Saturday, October 8, 2011

This is IMPORTANT!!!! New Mexico readers please read this!

I just received a slightly distressing email from Joy Junction, a local food bank/shelter.  They are running out of food!  As couponers, we know that NO ONE should ever have to run out of food, and we can definitely help them out big time on this one.  I know that we are all building stockpiles in our homes, and if we could each  part with some of our extra food, or donate a couple of shopping trips to this cause, we could collectively make a HUGE difference.  I know that personally I have been saving things up to donate at Christmas time, but it looks like there is no better time than now.
To all of my New Mexico readers who are interested in doing this, I am willing to set up drop spots/meeting spots on different days in different parts of town for those of you who do not have the time to make it down to Joy Junction (4500 2nd St. NW).  There are tons of coupons out there right now for non-perishables, and as winter approaches I bet they will love to have soups and canned goods.  Contact me or comment if you are interested and we will set up the pick up times, and remember that everything you can give will mean a lot to someone who is going hungry!  Let's show everyone what we can really do with coupons!!
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