Friday, October 21, 2011

National Parks

Next time you're on vaca, or looking for something to do with your family over the weekend, consider checking out your nearest national park.  They are all over the place, and are a great way to have fun while saving money.  National parks (unlike state parks which are usually more expensive) generally only cost a couple dollars per person as an entry fee.  Compare this to the normal $35-$45 per person at an amusement park, or the $10-$15 per person at a zoo or aquarium, and you are saving big bucks!
There are tons of great things about national park visiting, like epic picnic spots, historic significance, educational activities for your kiddos (and for you!), incredible beauty all around you, getting outdoors, guides and volunteers who know what they're talking about, and ADVENTURE!  Do something out of the ordinary and visit a park instead of a movie theater, you'll be so glad you did!  National parks have been on their way out in recent years and are starting to decline because of lack of funding, so not only are you making memories by visiting, you are helping to make sure that these amazing places will be there in the future for YOUR kids to visit with THEIR families!  Visit to find a park near you.

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