Thursday, October 6, 2011

7.00 for 15.00 to spend at The Grill in ABQ!

Today's Groupon is 15.00 to spend at The Grill for only 7.00!!!! My boyfriend Justin used to go to this restaurant all the time when it was across town, and he just took me to their new location on Menaul the other night.  It was SO incredibly good, they grill everything using mezquite, and it makes the burgers taste so darn good.  Plus they have free self serve home made chips and salsa.  I bought this Groupon the second I saw it, that's how good the food is!!!! You can get it here, or click on the picture above.  Yummy enjoy your burgers!  The 15.00 will be just about enough to feed two people cheeseburger meals (I think ours were 17.00 the other night).


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