Saturday, September 24, 2011

I love overage!

The 6.00 off wyb 2 Schick disposable packs should be no secret by now to anyone, but I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that you can get a money maker on it at Wal Mart, one of the only places I know of (definitely the only place here in Albuquerque) that does overage.  I had 2 coupons the other day for 6.00 off wyb 2 Schick disposables, and I had 2 coupons for 5.00 off of one Schick Hydro.
I bought four packs of disposables and got a 4.00 overage, 2 Schick Hydros (5.47 each, .47 each after coupon), a package of celery, a bell pepper, a box of elbow macaroni, a package of pizza dough, and a Diet Coke for only 2.47 OOP.
If you have a Wal Mart nearby, go use your coupons there for the overage!  It makes NO SENSE AT ALL to have the store adjust the price of your coupon down when you could be spending that extra four dollars!


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