Monday, August 15, 2011

Walgreens Register Rewards Scenario (8/14-8/20)

Here is a scenario to get a bunch of stuff and a bunch of register rewards this week at Wal Greens.  Remember your register rewards should work at Wal Mart too (which means if you have a Super Wal Mart, you can use them towards groceries!)

4 Dove Items (Shampoo/Conditioner or deodorant)
7.50+5.00 Register Rewards
Gilette Fusion Razor
5.99+4.00 Register Rewards
2 Speed Stick deodorants
4.00+3.00 Register Rewards
Revlon Nail polish
2.99+3.00 Register Rewards
2 Scope Mouthwashes
4.50+3.00 Register Rewards
2 Reach Toothbrushes
3.00+3.00 Register Rewards
Total Out of Pocket=29.93 (including tax in New Mexico)
Total Register Rewards=21.00
This means that for all of the 12 items, the price was 8.93


  1. How do you save? Aren't the rewards for your next purchase? So that shopping time would actually be 29.93.. then the next time you go buy these items in this list together you save the 21?

  2. Yes exactly, you are paying 29.93 out of pocket for this shopping trip (in one of my videos I explain why Register Rewards can be sneaky and why you have to be careful of them). BUT you can use those register rewards for whatever you want afterwards, like on the things that you were already going to buy, and then you would get THOSE things for free. So it's just a matter of how you look at it, either you are getting all of this stuff for 29.93 and then getting 21.00 worth of stuff for free in your next transaction, OR you are paying 8.93 for all of this stuff and then you can use the 21.00 for all of the other stuff you are going to get. Does that make sense?

  3. Here is an example to give you a more visual idea. Yesterday, I absolutely HAD to buy dryer sheets and Swiffer pad refills. So, I used register rewards to get the things I needed, plus other stuff too. Here were my transactions:
    Transaction #1
    Expo Markers (2 packs)
    3.99 each
    3.00 off of one Walgreens coupon
    2.00 off wyb 2 mfr coupon
    Revlon Nail Polish
    3.99 each on sale
    1.00 off of one mfr coupon
    3.00 Register Rewards on one
    =2.99 plus 3.00 RR

    Transaction #2
    Revlon Nail Polish
    3.99 each
    1.00 off of one mfr coupon
    3.00 Register Rewards on one
    =2.00 plus 3.00 RR
    TOTAL FOR TRANSACTION #2= 2.83+3.00 RR

    Transaction #3
    Bounce Fabric Sheets
    4.99 each
    .25 off of one mfr coupon
    -3.00 RR from previous transaction
    =1.74 for 1
    Walgreens Brand Swiffer refill
    4.99 each
    -3.00 RR from previous transaction
    =1.99 for 1 box

    So, all together, for 2 bottles of nail polish, 2 packs of Expo markers, a box of dryer sheets and a box of Swiffer refills, I paid about the same as I would have if I had ONLY bought the dryer sheets and Swiffer refills that I needed.


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