Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Photo of the day

Mountain Desert
Photo by Payje Bier/Payje Bier Photography

The Great Sand Dunes National Park was about the coolest place ever!  It took us a really long time to find it because Google maps took us on a dirt road to a dead end (thanks a lot Google).  Funny how much we rely on technology that we would even follow it onto an unmarked dirt road into the middle of nowhere when anyone should have known to stay on the main road.  Anyway, before we went I was telling Justin that I had this image in my mind of the Sahara desert, but that I doubted it would really be that way.  I was right! Or wrong, depending on how you look at it.  We got closer and closer, and it really did look like there was a miniature Sahara desert in the middle of the San Luis Valley!  The dunes were huge, and it was crazy to see them in contrast to the mountains in the background.  It was so neat, and the entrance fee was only $3 per person!  They had great facilities and picnic areas too.  We sincerely regret not bringing snowboards, but that's for next time I guess!  Click here to find out more about the Great Sand Dunes (I love national parks).

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