Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hello coupon matchups! (Target 8/28-9/3)

Jeez louise, we can finally use some of our Febreeze coupons! Finally! But that was the only good advertised deal at Tarjay Boutique this weeks :(
                Set & Refresh, Air effects
                2.50 each
                1.00 off of one mfr coupon
                Febreeze candle
                5.00 each
                3.00 off of one mfr coupon
                5.00 Target gift card wyb 5 febreeze items
                7.50-10.00 for 5 (1.50-2.00 each) Plus 5.00 Target card for your next purchase
Clorox bleach
                2 for 4.00
                .25 off of one mfr coupon
                3.50 for 2 (1.75 each)


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