Tuesday, August 30, 2011

End of the month coupons :(

Photo by Payje Bier/Pagina Bonita Photography (www.p-b-photography.com)

Watch out folks, many of your coupons are probably expiring this week! And by this week I mean tomorrow... But the good news is that we get new coupons to take their places in the lonely base-ball card slots.  We already got this month's P&G Brandsaver, which was full of great coups, some higher value than last month even.  There are also a bunch of new Target printables, which I think are going to come in handy, and might even be stackable here soon!  Head over here to get them, I'm not a super huge fan of how they're doing things over on that website these days... I don't care for change, especially when it just means that they moved everything around on us!
Aside from the mass expiration, I am perturbed by the progression of time for another reason... I can't BELIEVE it is almost September!  Although you would never know it here in Albuquerque, soon it will be time for trick or treating and turkeys.  Where in the heck did this year go!?


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