Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Comment cards and positive feedback

I have had some really great, (and some really horrible) experiences with cashiers and couponing.  Sometimes they can be very rude and difficult, while other times there are cashiers that are patient, friendly, and altogether a delight to deal with.  I think that it is super important that we recognize the employees that make our lives easier as couponers.  After working in retail, I have learned that positive feedback is not only a personal treasure and accomplishment, it also sets you apart from other employees at your job.  It means SO MUCH when a customer goes out of their way to tell your manager what a great experience they had.  So, I just wanted to remind everyone that when you take a long time in the check out with your coupons, or if all of your coupons have to be manually entered, or something doesn't work out and you have to void your transaction and your cashier maintains a friendly attitude, you should ABSOLUTELY recognize them not only with a sincere thank you, but also go the extra mile for them and speak to the manager or write a compliment card.  This makes their day, and also helps friendly cashiers STAY friendly towards couponers.


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