Thursday, July 7, 2011

The sad but true story of the Aztec Motel

So a few weeks ago I posted an entry about how much I adore the old signs and buildings here in Albuquerque (and in all of New Mexico).  I also made note of how sad it is that many of the old Route 66 motels are being torn down and replaced with...well, nothing.  A few days after that, to my dismay, my boyfriend Justin and I noticed a disturbing difference in our neighborhood as we drove to 7 11.  As it turns out, one of these beloved motels I was speaking of happened to have been partially demolished.  This had seemingly happened from one day to the next.
The Aztec Motel, which was seriously one of the COOLEST old motels to be found on Central, has met its end.  One of the things that made this structure so unique were the myriad objects nailed to the outside walls.  Anything and everything you can imagine, mostly southwestern, had been pounded up onto the old adobe building like some wall decor enthusiast had just gone crazy, or some child had decided to make a life size school art project.
I am pretty much devastated by the destruction of this historical landmark.  I would SO much rather look at an old piece of Albuquerque's history than a vacant lot.  I mean, who wouldn't?
I found this brochure about Nob Hill buildings and architecture in a restaurant here, and I was thrilled to read the history of the Aztec.  Also, it makes for a really good before and after picture, which you will see below.
(If you are having trouble reading this, click on it to make it bigger)

So basically I wanted to say Rest In Peace Aztec Motel, you will now be taking a place with all the other discarded and forgotten nostalgia that no longer remain from our nation's past, as we are forever looking into the future.
And to everyone else, if you want to get your kicks on Route 66 I would suggest doing it now and bringing a camera... that's what I'll be doing.

The Aztec Motel then

The Aztec Motel now (photo by yours truly)


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