Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photo of the day

Green Chile, Red Chile, Blue Chile

Bernalillo Building

I took a little field trip to Bernalillo today (well sort of a field trip, sort of on business).  Last time I was there was to photograph a wedding at El Zocalo Plaza, which is a really really really neat venue that used to be a community center about 100 years ago.  They have restored it today into a beautiful location for weddings and events.  Anyway, today I got to explore Bernalillo a little bit more, and it captured my heart.  It feels like you have all of a sudden arrived in a small town after having only left Albuquerque minutes before.  It is MUCH greener than Albuquerque (probably because of it's proximity to the Rio), full of old buildings, churches, and colorful signs, and it has such a unique and inviting feel to it.  I was truly surprised!  I got a few pictures before returning to Albuquerque on the back road, which felt like driving through farm country.  Who knew that something so cool was so close!


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