Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Free Chick Fil A Day

Soooo.... just to start the story, I did not make Justin dress up like a cow.  I didn't even try very hard.  I just told him that I wouldn't make him dress up if he didn't want to, but he couldn't be embarrassed of me when I did dress up.  He agreed and took his part seriously, he even sat on the same side of the booth with me!
Anyway, it was pretty fun! I was pretty embarrassed myself when we were walking in from the parking lot, I'm not gonna lie.  I was almost positive that when I got inside there would be no one dressed up and they would say they had never heard of "Cow Appreciation Day." But when we walked in, almost EVERYONE was dressed like a cow!  There were adult cows, and tiny precious baby cows!  Here are my pictures, and click here to see the pictures of everyone at the Chick Fil A we went to!  You can also go here to vote on the costume contest!

I'm a cow!

This is me trying to moo

This is me laughing because I can't moo like a cow

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  1. I love to follow your blog because you are always doing fun things and keeping s good sense of humor. It makes other people laugh and lighten up a little. You also always have lots of good recipes and great coupon match ups


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