Monday, July 25, 2011

Kmart doubling coupons this week!

Like always, I wanted to make sure that this was for real before posting it since Kmart is notorious for being sheisty about their coupon policy, but it is indeed legit.  Kmart stores (not all but most) are doubling coupons up to .99 for the remainder of the week (to find out if your store is doubling, check the circular that you got in your paper. It should say somewhere in the ad).  This means that if you have any coupon up to .99 it will be doubled.  For instance, if you had a coupon for .50 off of something, it would double to a dollar.  .75 off would double to 1.50.  .99 would double to 1.98.  However, a coupon for 1.00 off of something will still be taken at 1.00.  This makes for some sort of ok deals, I really didn't find too much. Here is what I bought:
Chex Mix
                2 for 3.00
                .50 off of one mfr coupon (doubled)(use 2)
                1.00 for 2 (.50 each)
                2 for 3.00
                .50 off of one mfr coupon (doubled)(use 2)
                1.00 for 2 (.50 each)
Seattle’s Best Coffee single cans
                1.57 each
                FREE mfr coupon
                2 FREE
Mr. Clean Multi Surface Cleaner
                3.49 each
                .75 off of one mfr coupon (doubled)
                2.00 each
Febreeze spray
                2.59 each
                .50 off of one mfr coupon (doubled)
                1.59 each
 Total out of pocket=6.03


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