Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

Yesterday, Justin and I were locked in turmoil regarding a very important issue: which fireworks to watch, and where to watch them from.  We had several choices, including hauling our tooshies all the way over to Rio Rancho, waiting in traffic to get to the Balloon Fiesta Park, and going to the Isotopes baseball game with fireworks to follow.  Our ultimate decision was the Balloon Park, but as we neared the Alameda exit that showed itself to be a BIG OLD MISTAKE.
So, we hopped off the highway at Paseo Del Norte and employed our new iPhones to assist us.  After trying a few routes and realizing that every single other entrance to the park was blocked off to traffic, we decided a change of plans was in order.  We cruised through a neighborhood, and found this perfect firework-watching park. Even though it was supposedly a private park, the neighborhood homeowners were really friendly, and even told us which way to position ourselves to see the fireworks!

So, we parked it on our blanket and ate some snacks while we waited.  And it was worth waiting for!  The fireworks were AWESOME!  Here are some pictures, if you want to see more, visit the Things You Want to Know, Places You Want to Go Facebook page!
Who else had a great 4th?


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