Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grocery Store Matchups!

I love this day!  And there are some great deals going on!  Also, I got my Red Plum insert in the mail today and it was AWESOME!! Tons of coupons!  Makes up for not getting it the last couple of weeks.  Here we go! (Once again, if you use City Market or any other Kroger store, the ad should look pretty much identical to Smith's).

                1.00 each wyb 10
                .50 off of one mfr coupon
                .50 each
Crest Toothpaste
                1.00 each wyb 10
                .7 5 off of one mfr coupon
                .25 each
Kroger sour cream/ranch dip
                1.00 each wyb 10
Ivory soap
                1.00 each wyb 10
                .50 off of one mfr coupon
                .50 each
General Mills Cereal/Nature Valley/Milk deal
                4 for 10.00
                .75 off of one cookie crisp mfr coupon (use 2)
                .75 off of one brownie crunch mfr coupon (use 2)
                2 free gallons of milk wyb 4 items
                4 boxes of cereal and 2 gallons of milk for 10.00!
Sobe Life water
                .88 each
                1.00 off wyb 3 coupon
                1.64 for 3 (.54 each)
Ground Beef
General Mills Cereal
                1.77 each
                .75 off of one brownie crunch cereal
                .75 off of one cookie crisp
                1.02 each
Fritos and Cheetos
                1.57 each wyb 4
Milky way, Snickers, m&ms
                .29 each
Poore Brother’s chips
                2 for 5.00
                1.00 off wyb 2 mfr coupon
                4.00 for 2 (2.00 each)
New York Strip Steak
Ritz crackers and Nabisco cookies
                Use .75 off Crackerfuls coupon (see if you can use 2)
                BOGO (1.50 off of one, could almost be 2 free)
Ruffle’s chips
                .49 each wyb 10
                4.90 for 10
Rice a Roni
                10 for 10.00
Mars & Nestle candy bars
                Buy 2 get 2 free
Kingsford Charcoal
                7.99 each with in ad coupon
                Free can of Busch’s beans wyb bag of charcoal
                7.99 for charcoal and beans
Dove and Axe
                Buy 2 save 2 dollars
                1.25 off of one dove bar 6 pack
                1.25 off of one dove body wash
                1.00 off of one dove men’s body and face wash
                BOGO axe shower gel or detailer



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