Saturday, July 30, 2011

End of the month

this is not an original photo, I found it on Flickr

Sorry about the lack of posting, I am once again on the road!  This time in Virginia to visit my Grandma.  It is SO amazingly beautiful, absolutely what you think of when you think of "America".  The trees and grass are green everywhere you look, and driving through the mountains you come across tiny towns that seem like they have been left behind in time.  Old trucks sit in front of old signs on old gas stations.  People stroll across the street wherever they want to because there aren't any stop lights, and no one has a fear of being struck by a reckless bus driver.  Doors to cars aren't locked, and everybody waves at you like they know you.  I am pretty much in love with this place.  Many of the buildings date back from the 1700s, even the 1600s.  It is truly a unique and beautiful place.  There will be photos coming soon!
Anyway, Virginia aside, don't forget that tomorrow is the last day of July!  This means that there will be LOTS of new coupons coming out over the next couple of days, so no matter what your choice of activities is for the weekend, DON'T forget your Sunday papers!  Enjoy your weekends everybody!
I will try to continue posting throughout the week, however even though I did bring my computer this time, there seems to be a wireless shortage here, so we'll see how things work out!


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