Friday, June 10, 2011

Yes, it IS possible to eat at nice places and do fun things without breaking the bank

One common misconception about frugality is that you have to live the life of a minimalist who survives on bread and water in order to save money.  NOT TRUE!  There are tons of ways that you can get designer clothes, eat at fancy-pants restaurants, buy things you want and need, and live fabulously all at a drastically reduced cost.

These are my favorites:
Groupon is a daily deal site that will send a super awesome local deal to your inbox every day.  You can choose your location (or multiple locations), and you will get deals for things like restaurants, movies, massages, amusement parks, clothing stores, and all sorts of other things, at generally over 50% savings.
This site caters to big cities, but even if you live in a small town you should still sign up for Groupon because they often send out deals that you can cash in on online (i.e. Fandango, Old Navy, etc.)
Living Social is another daily deal site that is pretty much the same as Groupon that you can sign up for.  These sites are ALWAYS free unless you buy a deal, which you then have to pay for, duh!

Haute Look
This site is essential if you have designer tendencies.  Juicy Couture, Dolce and Gabbana, Ray Ban, Smashbox, and TONS of others go on sale here for 70-80% off retail.  Seriously, it's SO cheap.
At you can get $25 restaurant giftcards for only $10.  Wait, it gets better!  At any given time, there is a promotion code that they will send you that will allow you to purchase the $25 restaurant gift cards for only $2!  There are some other restrictions that come along with the price (i.e. you have to spend at least $35 at the restaurant, can't be used for tax or tip) but it still saves you a lot of money, and there are great restaurants to choose from in every city.

Travel Zoo
Love to travel?  Me too.  If you sign up for Travel Zoo's top 20, you can get a list of the cheapest but most awesome vacations every week.  These savings are huge, you will not believe the prices you see for trips all around the world that include airfare, hotels and car rentals.  Justin and I have yet to book a vacation through them (we are currently saving up for Thailand) but I can promise you that when we have the money, we will be getting our trip through Travel Zoo.

So there are some things to get you started on saving a bundle (great advertising huh?  These sites should really be paying me for this!!!).  Remember that the idea of these is not to spend a ton of money on stuff you don't need, but save a ton of money on stuff you were going to buy anyway.  Or to be able to buy the stuff that you wanted but couldn't afford.

I will be posting more on actual strategies of down and dirty couponing in the next few days.


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