Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Mexico Signage

I was driving home on Central Ave today, and I while I sat in traffic because of road construction I started thinking about how totally awesome all of the signs here in New Mexico (and particularly Albuquerque) are.  Some are old, some are new, some are neon, some are painted, but they are all Rad.  They take us back to a time when road trips were sweet (I think they still are) and Routt 66 was the place to be (I think it still is).  But what I really really really love about all of the signs here is that each individual one is a unique and colorful piece of history within itself.  It is also sad at the same time, to see these amazing pieces of the past falling to decay and neglect.  Some properties are being demolished, some are being restored to their former glory, and some are just sitting in disrepair.  But at least we still get to enjoy the majority of them.The creativity of the signs created here in New Mexico is unmatched, and something as simple as driving home from work can take you back in time if you look out the window.
When I got home, I checked into all of the NM sign pictures I have taken.  Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

This one is right down the street from our house, they are remodeling the old hotel into maybe a new hotel?  Maybe they will give us the sign.

This sign is on a storefront in Santa Fe, on the plaza

 This sign marks a restaurant on the plaza in Old Town Albuquerque.  People sit beneath it in the shade today and sell all the neat stuff they make, mostly Indian jewelry.  But my mom even remarked to me when she was here about how many fewer people were out on the plaza than even when she came 20 years ago.

We found this sign in Gallup, NM.  The does not seem to have changed much in a long time, which is awesome, and it is dedicated to old Western movies and movie stars.  All its rooms are even named after different celebrities!  We didn't get to stay there, we just stopped there to use the bathroom :(

This Five & Dime store is also in Santa Fe on the Plaza.


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