Thursday, June 9, 2011

My shopping trips today

Today I went shopping at Albertsons and Smith's.  I paid $22 for $80 worth of stuff (we can't all be extreme couponers and get $5000 worth of stuff for $5 all the time).  Here were my best deals:
Powerade (if you drink this stuff like my boyfriend Justin does, this will be an incredible deal for you)
.58 each on sale when you buy 15
8.70 for 15 Powerades (Usually 1.69 to 1.99 each, saved around 17.50)
Old Spice
2.00 each on sale when you buy 2, buy 4 save 4.00 (making them 1.00 each)
1.00 off of 2 Old Spice deodorant manufacturers coupons from last weekend's Sunday inserts (x2)
BOGO free body wash when you buy 1 deodorant manufacturers coupon(x2)
Total for four deodorants and 2 body washes=2.00 (Usually 3.00 for each deodorant, 4.59 for each body wash, saved 19.00)****THIS DEAL IS STILL AVAILABLE IF YOU CAN GET LAST WEEKENDS PAPER!!!****
Wishbone Salad Dressing (their thousand island is my favorite in the world, but usually expensive so I was stoked about this one)
3/5.00 on sale
1.25 off of 2 manufacturer's coupon
.50 off of one manufacturer's coupon
3.25 for all three dressings (Usually around 3.00 each, saved 6.00)

Those were my best deals, but I used coupons on everything I purchased today (aside from the danishes and bananas which were on sale already).  One of my favorite things to use are the Albertsons coupons that come in the mail with their circular every week.  They always come with coupons for .49 bags of lettuce (limit 2), .49 coupons for loaves of Albertsons bread (limit 2), and 1.59 coupons for milk.  These are great ways to save on things that you buy all the time.

I am going to continue to post on saving money with coupons, but bear with me because there is a lot to learn, and it is hard to teach it all in a cohesive way.  If you ever have any questions about anything I say here, please feel free to comment and I will get back to you!  Thanks for reading!


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