Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let's talk about shopping clubs

I want to talk a little bit about shopping clubs.  As couponers, we only EVER want to buy ANYTHING as long as we can bust out our coupons for it, so it's easy to be turned off by somewhere that doesn't even accept manufacturer coupons.  But, my advice for you today is never underestimate the power of the shopping club.  I have a Costco membership which I am in L-O-V-E with.  The whole idea about all of this is to save money, not to use the most coupons, and at shopping clubs you save mucho dinero siempre (a lot of money always) not just when you have coupons.

Let's take an example:
Last week I posted matchups for trash bags at Target
Two boxes of 84 trash bags each would have come to 9.50 each after coupons and an additional $5 Target gift card towards your next purchase (19.00 for 168 trash bags)
I did not buy those trash bags.  I bought a box of 200 trash bags for 13.00 at Costco. 

See what I mean?  Also, I almost always buy cheese, sandwich meat, etc. from Costco because per oz., the prices are almost always cheaper.  The other mega plus about Costco is their gas prices.  This is only really a plus if you live in the same town as your Costco, but it saves lots of money!  Or, if you don't have a Costco in your town, stock up on the stuff you need when you go (this is what my parents do) and use your coupons to supplement the things that are more expensive at Costco.  

Saving money is saving money no matter where you do it, and this will save you money!!!
Click here for an interesting article that my Dad sent me with some tips on how to best save at shopping clubs.


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