Saturday, June 25, 2011

I have something SUPER to share!!!

I went to Target today (I will share my trip later, right now I am trying to get pictures edited from a wedding I did last night, sorry for not posting much today!) and checked the price of the French's honey mustard dipping sauce to see if I could use my 1.00 off coup (from the newspaper a few weeks ago)... and they were selling French's yellow mustard ATTACHED to the honey mustard dipping sauce, full size of each, for 1.49.  I thought "well, wouldn't this be great if the dollar off coupon would work for the 2 pack and guess what? Just guess!  It DID!!! So, that means that you can get a full size French's yellow mustard and a new French's honey mustard dipping sauce for only .49!  That's only a quarter each, holla for under a dolla!  So freaking awesome... just wanted to give you the heads up to head out to Target!  More soon...


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