Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hello coupon matchups! (Target 6/19-6/25)

OK so I should probably mention one thing here, I do not do ALL of the matchups that are possible for each store, I only do the ones that I think are good enough deals to look twice at.  If you want me to do all of the matchups, leave me a comment and we can talk (I might be open to it) but just know that these ARE the best of the best deals.  
*ALSO* There are a lot of new coupons out that I just saw, so go print those out!

Coppertone Sunscreen
                7.00 on sale
                2.00 off of one Target coupon
                5.00 each
L’oreal Healthy Look Cream Hair Color
                5.99 on sale
                2.00 off of any Healthy Look Hair Color mfr coupon
                2.00 off of any L’oreal haircolor product Target coupon
                2.00 each
Vitamin water/Smart Water
                1.00 each
                Buy 4 get one free
                .75 each when you buy 4
Stride gum
                2 for 5.00
                1.00 off of one Stride Spark gum Target coupon (use 2)
                1.50 each 3 pack when you buy 2
Bertolli Pasta Sauce
                2.00 each
                1.00 off of 2 Target coupon
                1.50 each when you buy 2
Glad Trash Bags
                12.99 each
                1.00 off of one Target coupon (use 2)
                5.00 Target gift card when you buy 2
                9.50 each after savings
Bounty Napkins
                2 for 5.00
                1.00 off of one mfr coupon (use 2)
                1.50 each when you buy 2


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