Thursday, June 23, 2011

Albertson's Doublers

Pretty disappointing, for realz... I checked probably 50 different things for doubling deals... but I did get my milky way's and haribo candies!
Milky way
          .89 each
          .50 off of two mfr coupon
          coupon doubled
          .78 for both (.39 each)!!!
          1.00 each
          .30 off of one mfr coupon
           coupon tripled
           .10 each!

ANNNND there should be a couple more coming down the pipeline from Rotel, Sunny D, and Tampico
         Usually around 1.00 or less
        .30 off one mfr coupon (I don't know if this one is still available, click here to try)
         Tripled coupon
        .10 each!
Sunny D
         Can be 1.00 to 3.00
        .55 off of one Sunny D product for signing up to be their "brand ambassador" (click here)
        Doubled coupon
        Free-2.00 each
         Usually 1.00
         .50 off of one mfr coupon (click here you can only print 1 though boo)
         Doubled coupon
So I guess things will get a little better, and maybe just maybe we'll get some good ones this Sunday!  (If you want to take a lookie-loo you can at, but I really hate ruining the surprise!)


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