Saturday, June 11, 2011

$25 date night!

Justin and I decided to go on a "date" last night, and our entire evening of fun cost us only $25. Here is the play by play.
#1.  Chick Fil A
       Fast food might not please everyone for date night, but we love it!  I get cravings for Chick Fil A all      throughout the week, and it's a really far drive from our house so we usually only go on the weekends.  We both got meals, and a side of their delicious coleslaw.   AND.... I got a life changing banana pudding milk shake.  IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD!  Complete with whipped cream and pieces of vanilla wafer.  Our total for dinner was $16.
#2.  Sunset
       Unfortunately for everyone in Albuquerque, the smoke from the Wallow Fire in Arizona has been literally billowing into the city for the last two weeks.  Fortunately for us though it has resulted in extraordinary sunsets.  On the east side of the city, there are mountains that rise up directly on the edge of town.  We tried to go out there the night before last to get a little height on the city so that we could watch the entire sunset, but we missed it!  Picture us basically racing the sun, I almost rear ended someone trying to get us there before the sun went down.  But, since we missed it, we decided to incorporate it into our date night last night. We parked at a parking lot off of Tramway, and took a little hike up into the hills, where we climbed some rocks and waited for the show.  I also had the added bonus of getting some great pictures, one of which is below.  If you want to see the others, check out my flickr stream to the left of my home page, or just click on the picture below.  The total for the sunset hike was $0.

#3 Olo Yogurt Bar
      I cannot stress the amazingness of self serve frozen yogurt bars.  They have all different flavors to pick (my favorites are coconut and horchata), then you get to put all of your own toppings on (all different fruits cookies, candy, nuts, sauces, etc.).  The best part of Olo is that you can pay a lot or a little depending on how much yogurt and toppings you get, you pay for the weight.  You don't have to pay $5 for a small cup like some other ice cream places.  Frozen yogurt is also MUCH healthier than regular ice cream, so you feel a lot less guilty when everything is said and done.  Our total cost for frozen yogurt was $8.

#4 Redbox
      Everyone already knows about Redbox, but I love it because movies are only a dollar, and if you sign up for Redbox online and like them on Facebook they will send you free movie coupons all the time.  The only downfall is that I feel like they have a pretty  limited selection.  Last night was good though because we rented True Grit which we had already seen, but it's definitely one of my new favorite movies.  If you haven't seen it yet you probably should.  

So that was our date night!  We kept ourselves entertained all night and had a great time, all  for substantially less than it usually costs just for two people to go out to a nice-ish restaurant.  


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